August 4, 2017


Education and Robotics Technology

The Education is engulfing and opening newer dimensions day by day. Technology is dominating every walk of life. It is becoming ever more important for the kids to be handy with every technology. They must not remain the consumers of the tech gadgets in hand, rather, they must be aware of the science behind them. This is not possible without engaging the students with robotics, automation, software, artificial intelligence. Also, this needs to be done at the very prime stages of their education. Our Robotics and Aeronautics courses strive to do this for you. We have customized courses, experienced and dedicated trainers and tutors to suite all your child’s needs. We have world class syllabus, most advanced training kits and flexible timings. What’s more, the budget is competitive and fits your pocket easily.


Every child wants to fly. Aeronautics hones as well as ignites the imagination. Let your child fulfill her dream by designing something that can really fly. We have a great range of model air crafts which our trainees assemble and fly. The training is mostly hands on, so, need not worry about the age. At RedRobo Art every child gets personal attention.